RN Supervisor

Company Name:
Grace Healthcare
General Purpose:
Responsible for the independent supervision of the delivery of care to a group of residents in a nursing unit. Assess resident needs, develop individual care plans, administer nursing care, evaluate nursing care, and supervise CNAs and other personnel in the delivery of nursing care.
Essential Job Functions:
This facility expects their employees to promote an atmosphere of teamwork with other employees and hospitality and comfort for its residents. Therefore, the following list of duties is not all-inclusive:
Adhere to State and Federal rules and regulations concerning delivery of care and assure that effective quality nursing care is delivered which is outcome focused through utilization of the nursing process.
Effectively interview the resident/responsible party to obtain information required for developing and implementing a plan of care.
Perform physical assessment through observation, inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation.
Implement plan of care consistently, effectively and cost efficiently with focus on resident centered outcomes.
Identify rationale and anticipated outcomes for each nursing intervention.
Assume responsibility for care interventions consistent with skill level and professional standards of care. Utilize professional and sound judgment in delivery of care, which is cost efficient but does not jeopardize safe, effective care delivery.
Keep physician and/or other health care professionals (nurse practitioner, physician assistant, podiatrist, dentist, etc.) informed of resident's condition; and notify physician and/or other healthcare professionals immediately of significant change of condition.
Work in collaboration with physician and/or other health care professionals by sharing information relevant to changing plan of care.
Critique and take responsibility for evaluating nursing care delivered.
Utilize expertise of nurse colleagues to evaluate plan of care.
Elicit feedback from individual being served and/or family or responsible party to determine that their needs are being met.
Evaluate effectiveness of the plan of care in conjunction with the interdisciplinary care plan team.
Deliver and maintain optimum resident care and comfort by demonstrating knowledge and skills of current nursing practices.
Transcribe physician and/or other health care professionals' orders appropriately and accurately.
Notify physician and/or other health care professionals if orders are not carried out and document event appropriately.
Follow company, facility and departmental policies and procedures and appropriately utilize nursing judgment.
Complete documentation of all medical records and reporting forms in an accurate manner.
Supervise CNAs and other personnel.
May supervise other Nurses, including other RNs.
Coach, counsel, and assign CNAs and other nurses to provide quality resident care.
Appropriately discipline or participate in the discipline of CNAs and other nurses for violations of work rules, policies or poor performance, including the recommendation of suspensions or terminations.
Recognize CNAs and other nurses for exceptional care and job performance on a regular basis and as part of their formal performance evaluation.
Assign CNAs and other nurses specific duties for resident care and direct their work.
Train and/or assist in the orientation of new employees.
Demonstrate safe practices in regard to resident's comfort and safety by applying knowledge of proper body alignment for self and resident.
Maintain updated knowledge base in pharmacology.
Demonstrate knowledge of drug reactions and sensitivities and nursing interventions.
Assure that narcotics are accounted for properly.
Recognize normal and abnormal lab values and communicate it in appropriate manner to physician, and other interdisciplinary team members as appropriate.
Attend in-service education programs in order to meet facility educational requirements.
Be familiar with Standard Precautions, Exposure Control Plan, Fire Drill and Evacuation Procedures and know how to use the information.
Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility records/information.
Protect residents from neglect, mistreatment, and abuse.
Protect the personal property of the residents of the facility.
Others as directed by the supervisor or administrator.
Minimum Qualifications:
Registered Nurse with current state license.
Excellent technical, assessment and documentation skills.
Good Leadership qualities.
Good communication and interpersonal skill
Organized and detailed in work performance.
Good communication skills with excellent self-discipline and patience.
Genuine caring for and interest in elderly and disabled people in a nursing facility.
Comply with the Residents Rights and Facility Policies and Procedures.
Perform work tasks within the physical demand requirements as outlined below.
Perform Essential Duties as outlined above.

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